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Powell Peralta

Powell Peralta Ray Barbee Hydrant Skateboard Deck - 9.7 x 31.92

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For many, Skateboarding = Ray Barbee. Known for his graceful, smooth style, the effortless way he pushed and his infectious smile, during the late 80's Ray helped skaters to transition from vert/transition skating to street skating. If you don't know Ray Barbee watch his part in BAN THIS.

About the Barbee Hydrant Artwork: 

The Barbee Hydrant was Ray's second graphic illustrated by artist Sean Cliver in 1990. The ragdoll character was a continuing theme from his original graphic. The fire hydrant was a common street element frequently ollied over at the time.

Originally Released: 1990

Brand Powell-Peralta
Deck Shape 281
Deck Concave K3B
Deck Wheelbase 14.88"
Deck Length 31.92"
Deck Width 9.7"
Deck Nose 5.84"/5.78"
Deck Tail 6.21"